40th Anniversary Giving Tree Campaign


Since 1977, Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) has provided intergenerational education and personal development programs for low-income families in Los Angeles. Starting as a Preschool with just six children, MVFC has grown into a dynamic organization serving over 1,300 people of all ages per year. Together, we are transforming families and strengthening communities.

Giving Tree Campaign

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are raising $40,000 in support of our Baby & Me, Preschool, Afterschool, By Youth For Youth and Community programs. As neighbors and friends of the Center, please join us in our mission to provide under resourced families with the tools they need for a bright future.

We are recognizing our 40th anniversary supporters through a special “Giving Tree” mural, which will serve as a focal point of the Mar Vista Family Center and as an example of the spirit of giving for years to come. Located on a vast wall connecting our reception area to the courtyard, the mural will feature plaques with supporters’ names on them. Each gift will help complete the tree as a whole, adding new leaves, branches and the trunk, depending on the gift level. The tree will reflect the strength and generosity of our community.


Sponsorship Type Amount Location
Elm Supporter $250 Top of tree
Maple Supporter $500 Below crown of tree
Oak Supporter $1,000 Branches of the tree
Magnolia Supporter $2,500 Branches above trunk
Sequoia Supporter $5,000 Trunk of tree

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